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Rose Garçon

Digital Blue


Écritures / Writing
Couleurs / Colors
Keja Ho Kramer


2002 - Video fiction/documentary, 29 minuts, color and sound, English sub-titled French.

This video is a synthesis of my research as a photographer and the video work that I had started at Le Fresnoy (1998-2001). It is also a road trip that meets America as seen through the eyes of a native foreigner. It is the
result of a journey that was structured by an invented method of work rather than a scenario. Each scene, prior to the improvisational work, was documented with a 1970’s Polaroid camera the SX70. The accumulation of these Polaroid pictures was the basis for a loose narration that was built from day to day. The consequence of thinking about the moving image in a static form subtly changes the composition of the frame. I see myself as the photographer taking pictures that contain Spé, who is the main character moving through them. In this video there was not the same necessity (as in Rose Garçon) to tell the story, but rather a need to express a free form of documentation, a sort of fictional diary that reveals itself as an action inside a real city (this tendency is a constant theme through out my work).

The difference between images that are created for a narrative and more abstract images that evoke the narrative are questions that produced answers while editing Rose Garçon and shooting DIAM’S. During the shooting of DIAM’S, I was particularly obsessed with the composition
and the frame, controlling technically the camera and the natural light. It was also about the colors of the city, the repetition of painted walls, the journey through the foreign environment.

DIAM’S and Rose Garçon work with the same actor. Georges and I have collaborated on 3 video/films together, and photo portfolios. Each time it is with the intention of pushing further where we left off, not having been satisfied with the results. Choosing to work with the same individual forms a relationship that is structured around experience and trust. It is possible to outgrow and reach the limits of the collaboration. With the video DIAM’S I am beginning to develop the ideas that interest me in my work:
The form / the color composition inside a scene / the control of narration/ dialogue/ the actor’s movement Static and moving images have a resonance which become physical through editing/montage.