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vendredi 1er octobre 2010, par Mr Whimsical

Francisco Manoel, Cobra Verde : How do you know all these things ? Euclides Alves da Silva Pernambucano Wandereley : from our priest, and he learned them from our bishop. And where does the snow comes from ? you’ll see it out there ! It comes from the moon, there is always snow on the moon ! Thats why it’s always white ! White and cold. You have to look very carefully. Why is that ? It’s because the moon… takes the water out of the ocean. And when night falls… the tips of the mountains attract the snowflakes. The snow has salt in it. But only as much salt as we have in our tears. And here on earth ? It’s very far away - you must keep going west. Four years on horseback… and ten on foot. And after that, there are high mountains. They rise higher and higher - right over the clouds. And then above the clouds, then you find the snow. It only falls in the night-time. Just like feathers. But it only falls… from above the clouds. And then the whole world turns light as feather - and snow white ! Even the lions turn white… and the eagles… the rabbit get a snowy coat… and all the animals in the world turn white ! And when you’re walking trough the snow… your feet don’t weigh anything at all. And the littke snowflakes, go flying up in the air… just like feathers. …

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