My research is not about finding anything but rather opening
connections or missing links between unbelievable things.

This can be possible if you try not to miss any of the details during
the process of searching.
The whole - subject - is a portal to other portals, made of
accumulations of ideas and observations of Nature around us, there is an aim to be detached from the whole - the theory - by letting it go and continue - it's a voyage into the patch.

By taking into account primary elements of our daily life such as
bread, magnetism, sugar, salt, stone, water, glass, teeth, oil,
silence, hole, air, food, sleeping, wheel, helium, snow, ice,
catastrophe, walking, running, etc…
I have to feel a way to get out of it in order to reinvent a fiction
and there is no end in reinventing the past future or present.
In our western world there is a problem between what we think and what we feel, we lost the most important link that makes reality become a true sense of being.

The works I have done always started with a feeling about something, just a glimpse was enough to feed a long process that would became a film or a composition. I use all kinds of materials and tools to build the patch - but for me - poetry sound and performance remain the most faithful approach to the world, it is very subjective, I know ; but if you let the work flow - the thing is out of your anthropocentric body and become part of nature - something that we can relate to and share.

Sound is a noise and a silence, my relationship to it is very
controversial but there is no end to sound. I’m listening to the
unknown and the magic that we cannot hear with the human ear.

Poetry is our culture, writing reading seeing feeling touching
smelling fucking… It is our way to make analogies that are to be
updated every day by the air and light that make us breathe.
We have to play with our own words or telling because they become magic tales for other cultures and that is already a portal to openness of minds.

Performance is the state of a human body towards a tipping point, where is it? How can we control the situation or not, at what point are we ready to go to the other side to access what we are looking for or discover something we won't ? Walking, climbing, listening, sleeping, being bird or fish, stone or salt, volcano and ice, magnetic waves! We can be everything!

Here are some elements of my researches to be taken as invisible dots in unlimited skies.

Mountains : breathing is essential to us and water, the source feeds the streams and rivers that flow in the low-land

Noise to silence / silence to noise : are we making sound or are we taking it off. From Punk Rock to Contemporary Music, the start is inverted but the crossing is unique. This crossing is not a western convergence but a crossing through space time and air.

Bass space out of phase : the double bass travels into space with its handicapped - heavy and inhuman body - interfering with the natural phase. It’s where you start the dialogue with trees, birds, forest and wind. You can feel the harmonics.

Humid customers : our body is a ruin, the fluid inside can make it
healthy again.

time space performance no wall sound but in-sound : It’s time to avoid throwing sound into people’s ear but invite them inside the sound. Soundmakers become invisible

Ghost sound : playing with them in their space, the surveyor is
metering a sound perception.

Art-economy - importance of art in the economical system : giving the opportunity to artists to be part of economical intelligences in order to redefined the goals and create common grounds of interests among profit and non-profit organizations.

Magnetic works - Georges Bataille’s The Accursed Share : a very large research on dynamical systems. Concepts and Poetry gathered into experiments like Improvisation states before a catastrophe, the tiger in space, erasing of the surface, etc…

Disappearance : Archaic Multi-media, celebration of electronic - the desire that one gesture is ready to carry out a great number of
diversified tasks. Management of the disorder, the technical process - impure and random.

Action / contraction : archeological process of desire. A human scale reprint of the past for the future.

Bread document : a laboratory of deception in order to dissimulate documents into bread and pass it over the frontiers. How can we reconnect to reality without touching the envelop. What is at stake in the process of telling stories.

Linguality : the power of tongue inside language

Flood : bread is not just food but a prehistorical document

Frankenstein - ice electricity : levitation - the process of tipping point

You’ve seen nothing, almost asylum desert : where we have to invent or find special and precious places as starters for real dialogue and thinking. Artist meet together to find a portal to « save the world ». Follow the wind…

Gin sekaï a silver world like a salted snow library : « Is it so that
Heaven deigns to make fun of the people by dropping a snow which hardly fills the palm of the hand? » Utamaro, 1790 "Ehon Gin Sekai". In the most complete whiteness, the snowflake had turned into a recording machine, a living memory transporter - a plant and animal magnetic medium. The mountain proposes an indeterminate collection, a huge library of salt - offering itself to its blindness. SNOW FUTURE

Silent sleepers : People that live in a horizontal world, in an
ageless and post-traumatic cycle where they abandon themselves to silent actions without any artifact.

Nature takes over Nature : But this new nature has the memory of what men did to her, a violation.

Under the ground : the game is to follow the track of a golf ball
crossing the earth and bringing a message from one army to the other. Golf players are part of the biggest army in the world and they rule oil and gaz under the ground.

Jaw curve : the chaînette is a non-roman curve in 64 geometrical
processes or one simple gesture

Walk the dead : walking trough France on the steps of Vietnamese workers abducted by the french government during the Colony

Be quiet it’s recording : time is space around us. Kim-chi &
maceration. What is time? Intuitive bacteriology and sound through visual and literary aspects of organoleptic experiences. We begin to understand the new concepts of haiku wars, non-lethal weapons, chemical warfare and so on. We will build our research on a common basis of 5 long-open-points*: heat, space, stillness, distance and the other that will be, time. We will then practically start using our own bodies in combination with the air around us (in the idea of fermenting until the flavour is ripe). Our goal is to find which actions can make our living organisms consume the dead matter and transform it in the process of freeing substances for the further sustenance of life.

Helium : n/a. 75% of sun?

Sugar it : the concept of over-death or a meta-fiction inspired by
what sugar means to us, a crystal composed of 17 rays lying on the top of the Sun.

the patch : patch/unpatch, a touch of sound.

vinyl cutting the useless sound : no matter what sound comes, it is
engrave on the record, its close to earth like pottery for the ancient but without the inertia of it. How can we engrave present and future on the same media.

vacuole and amnesia : The non-living of the stone or the non-belonging of the stones in the world of the representations. The vacuole - a biological term to define the gaseous vacuities contained in the rock and which I interpret as its memory ; we could listen to what they have to tell us.

Anisotropy or the pregnancy of the infra-and extra-terrestrial
rhizomes, the diversity of rock densities such as the faces of things.

Tort theory : the rambling of tree trunks (birch) buried under the
salted snow in winter, and their faculty to draw magnetic lines in

Scars a human scale topography : hurting ourselves to fix time.

End of an epoch : let’s meet to party! Digital world versus black silk.

`Marseilles June 2018

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